Summer Requirements for BF Students

Dancing in the summer is essential to any young dancer. Since dance is taught by repetition and muscle memory, taking an entire summer off is detrimental to their training. Not only will a dancer taking the entire summer off not improve with his or her peers, that dancer will lose ground in the progress they worked so hard to gain that year!  This makes it very difficult to be able to place them in the class that would have been appropriate for them at the end of the season for the upcoming season because their strength and skill level will have decreased.

*ALL Division I and II dancers (this includes App III dancers moving up to Div I in the fall) are required to train a minimum of 3 weeks at Ballet Forte. If they are attending an approved outside program, then they must attend a minimum of 2 weeks at Ballet Forte 

*ALL Division III dancers (this includes Div II dancers moving up to Div III) are required to train a minimum of 5 weeks over the summer either at an outside intensive approved by our Artistic Director Andrea Kramer or a combination of an outside intensive Ballet Forte summer classes to comprise a total of 5 weeks. 

*All Passport Students are required to train a minimum of 2 weeks at Ballet Forte. They may attend an approved outside program as well,.  We recommend taking a technique session and/or the theater dance camp! If your dancer is in the Intermediate Passport Level (Junior Passport) they should take the Advanced Beginner / Intermediate technique session ; if they are in the advanced program (senior passport) they should take the advanced technique session.

*If your dancer is not able to meet these requirements because of scheduling conflicts, then you are required to set up a private lesson schedule in lieu of the summer intensives. 

*If your dancer does not fulfill the summer requirements for their division they will not be eligible to participate in the fall! 

All year, our students put in hours and hours of work that has an immense impact on their growth as an artist! In order to maintain their high level of artistry and all of the improvements they worked so hard to make throughout the year, they MUST dance over the summer. Taking time off of from dance has a huge impact on their dancing. This is why artistic director, Andrea, has this requirement in place. It is impossible for a dancer to come back to class after time off having maintained the same level of strength. They should come back to class in the fall having improved over the summer months! This is why our students are so successful! This is why dancing over the summer is MANDATORY!

Summer 2020 Registration Form!

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