This is a creative movement class for students 3 to 5 years old. Pre-Forte students are introduced to the basics of ballet technique.


Apprentice I, II & III Division

This is our introduction class for students 4 to 9 years old with some previous dance experience.  Apprentice students learn about the fundamentals of ballet such as turn out, placement, and basic techniques.


Division IA

This is an introduction into our conservatory program for students interested in testing the waters, by studying a bit more intensely, but are not yet ready to participate in all that Div 1 entails. This is for dancers who have basic ballet training. Students build on basic techniques and begin learning more sophisticated methods. The focus is on developing strong alignment, learning terminology, proper use of rotation, and articulation in the feet.


Division I

Division I is for dancers who have basic ballet training. Students build on basic techniques and begin learning more sophisticated methods.


Division II

Division II dancers have had a significant amount of ballet training. Their ballet technique training is more advanced. Pointe is introduced to students who are evaluated by the director to be physically and mentally ready for this challenge with the focus on building strength. Barre work is generally done en pointe for those who are ready. Center work is done on flat, but the emphasis of the class is to build strength eventually graduating to executing pointe work off the barre.


Division III

Division III is for our advanced dancers focusing on classical technique training with additional work in classical partnering and variations. The technique is complex and challenging for even the most accomplished dancer.

Passport Program!

Introducing our brand new “Passport Program” geared towards students who enjoy a number of dance disciplines, with an eye towards theater and the performing arts, including classes in ballet, contemporary, theater dance, tap, and hip hop. Option to join our “Have a Heart Dance Team” performing for nursing homes, people with disabilities, and not for profit organizations throughout NJ.

Junior Passport

(7-12 year olds) This program is for our young dancers who want to experience various dance styles

Senior Passport

(12-18 year olds) This is for our older dancers who enjoy a number of dance disciplines and want to be involved in dance or the performing arts as a part of their college experience, but not as a major focus. 


Private Lessons

Ballet Forte NJ offers a schedule of private lessons. In this time, students have the opportunity to work one-on-one with an instructor to work on technique and corrections they have received in their classes. We also hold privates for non-Ballet Forte NJ students to aid them in auditions, tap, jazz, ballet, or general stage presence.

Gyrotonic Private Lessons

In addition to ballet and modern, we also offer Gyrotonic private lessons.